Thursday, June 13, 2013

Manggahan Restobar in Cebu City

Foodtrip is my favorite activity with friends. Be it a home cooked food, fastfood, etc., as long as we share it with friends, spice up with all the gossips, talks and bunch of laughters, perfect! How about mixing it all together? Eating in the backyard with home cooked food with a background music (sounds good, right?). But the thought of doing it at home requires more effort and will eat more time (we're all working girls, you know!hahaha!). So, we looked for a place where we can do it, but of course it must be within our budget.

Our Miss Organizer Katarina suggested this place "Manggahan" (Mangga is a local term for Mango fruit).
 Their specialties are sea foods; their pancit is delicious. Here's the menu.
 Here are our orders...
That's crocodile sisig...We were throwing jokes that we're eating Lolong's meat (Lolong was the biggest crocodile in the world found in Agusan, Philippines but unfortunately passed away months ago because of pneumonia :( ).
 I can't remember other orders we have that night. All I can remember was that we all enjoyed the food; the staffs were accommodating and most importantly we enjoyed each others' company.
 After the feast...LOL!
It's named Manggahan because you'll eat under mango trees while music is being played as background or being sung by a live band inside.

Another set of friends...All full and happy...Getting ready for the upcoming videoke challenge. Another feastful bonding with friends and new place discovered by The Thrifty Wanderer. Manggahan in  Cebu...CHECK!

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