Monday, April 29, 2013

Goodluck and Missing Mary :(

A memory lasts forever, never will it die... true friends stay together and never say goodbye... We will Miss you Mary and until next time...I will miss this:   Your Nextq family, especially your JAR family will surely miss you.
Our foodtrip together...
 Why is it that you're always surrounded with food?

 Same Ground, Salamat, Run-away, Forever's not Enough... who will sing these songs with Irene?

 Irene and Mike will miss your "Aaarrraaaayy..."

 The Powerpuff Girls!!!

 And those donya nails of yours...

  Thanks for everything and see you soon...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Island Hopping in Cebu City:Caohagan,Gilutungan,Nalusuan and Pandanon Island


 Me and my cousins excited for our island hopping. We are about to pick-up the owner of the boat that we rented.
 This is it!Our boat that could carry up to 20 persons.
 The owner Kuya Jun have 8 boats some are bigger than the one that we rented. You can request for a videoke machine. Yes, videoke while hopping from one island to another. Price is negotiable, the boats offered on some websites more expensive. If you want to hire boat for your island hopping you can contact me.
Don't forget to bring your sunblocks.
 Beautiful Island of CAOHAGAN

 The kids will enjoy swimming on this island.

 While exploring the island and waiting for the ordered food we found this bamboo swing.

There are a lot of boats around the island.
 The residence who sell seafood and souvenirs are wearing this uniform.
 Souvenirs shop, if you want to buy souvenirs asked for discounts.

  Seafood market


 We borrowed a small boat from Manong whom my cousin bought another seafood to eat. My cousin cried out of fear not thinking that she's 5'6 tall and I'm only 5ft. This is one of the funniest boating I had ever experienced...
This is actually at the back part of the island near the fish sanctuary.


Pandanon Island
This is the second island hopping with my cousins just last Maundy Thursday.
 We rented a bigger boat this time.
 Man wearing green is Kuya Jun the boat owner.

 Swimming near Pandanon island.

 and that's the famous Pandanon Island

 Photo was taken by my cousin and he's proud of it!
 Struggling to get a good underwater picture.