Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shangrila's Resort and Spa Mactan

I'm not really a type of person who would spend money for an overnight stay in a hotel. I do if the occasion calls it or if I'm in a new place. Being a thrifty wanderer my usual precept is why spend thousands in just an overnight stay in a luxurious hotel just within my comfort zone? (No offense and peace to those who usually does it to distress and reward themselves, I truly understand that. It's just that we have our own rules and beliefs). But we can't refuse a wedding gift, right?

We recently received an overnight stay in Shangrila's Resort and Spa Mactan, from a generous family who just found out we got married. As much as we want to refuse such a gift but we can't and who would want to? hahaha! So we checked in a Sunday afternoon. Check-in time is 2pm. You may come early to enjoy the facilities if you want. 

Anyway, this post is just a photoblog since there are lots of blogs about this famous hotel already. Just sharing another little adventure with my new travel partner.

Our room at the Ocean Wing.

 View from our room.

I took a photo of this because I remember a friend who makes it a ritual to send a postcard to his grandma whenever he's in a new place. Shang really knows what their guests would need and lay it on before they ask.

The bathroom's complete set of toiletries.

I enjoyed the swing...

This paradise is just a few kilometers away from Mactan airport.

We enjoyed the pool basketball. We played with some other guests, we didn't even know. 

We woke up early to witness this beauty.
Hubby's morning tea.
We were among the early risers, so we were able to take photos and enjoyed the view all by ourselves before we headed for the breakfast buffet.

On our way to Tides for breakfast and I enjoyed the food that I missed to take some photos.

Nothing more to say, it was a memorable experience for both of us.

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