Monday, April 15, 2013

Intosan Resort-Danao

We organized an outing a month ago but unfortunately none of the plans happened. We ended up in Danao City so that some can follow after work. 

First we went to Intosan Resort, Entrance is 134php it's 120php on the website exclusive of VAT. Cottages cost 500php but tables with chairs will do for only 336php. They also have rooms for overnight but luckily it was fully booked when we called because swimming is until 12am only we can't think of any activities there for the remaining hours if we did go for overnight. 

We don't have henna artist with us this time good thing Intosan had...hehehe!

 This is the 336phh chairs and table...
 You can grill they will charge 28php and bring your own "uling"!

 Our cook busy on the phone...

 The pools are just 3ft -4ft..They have slides but it only opened around 4pm, we don't know why.

 The pool is very crowded...
 Adults will not enjoy it much but kids, surely will...

 They have this small water park in the middle surrounded by a riverlike pool.

 Sorry for the low quality photos we only used cellphone for these shots.

Heads up: They do not allow alcoholic beverages inside, they have a bar where you can buy and drink. Good thing they don't charge corkage for food, the reason? Their beverages and food are too expensive and all subject to VAT. We bought a 500ml water for 23php.Not recommended for team/barkada outing but for family will do.


  1. Pila ilahang capacity sa ilang cottage? og sa ilang tables ms? :)

    1. Their Day Cottage is good for 8 persons for 560php (I'm not sure if subject for VAT too). Table is 336php you just grab chairs. We used to grabbed chairs from unoccupied tables. Hope this helps :)

  2. pwede maka pa reserve ug cottage near the pool? good for 13persons (11adults,2kids)