Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are still experiencing series of earthquake aftershocks here in Cebu and also in Bohol. Just last Sunday, we were awaken by the tremors again. Staying inside the house makes us all more nervous that caused us to think negatively about the situation. So, my dear cousin contacted us and picked us up; to pay visit  Sto. Niño church and stroll around Cebu for us not to feel the trembling of the ground.
Think of me as shallow minded but, it was a dream come true for me. We've been planning to visit the place but never had time to do so. hahaha!
The place is very relaxing...Yes, that view is just in Cebu...

It was already 1pm when we arrived in the area. It's a well known place in Cebu so, you can just ask around for directions on how to reach it.

They really have a wide area and according to one of their staffs, they are soon to open another branch in SRP ( South Road Properties). They also have branch in Busay, overlooking the city of Cebu.
The place is very romantic and very peaceful. So ideal for romantic dates or if you just want to get away of the city for a while.

They have unique glasses, right? Those are just jars of mayonnaise.

If you visit the place, I highly recommend their baked tahong...Hmmm...I can still remember the taste...

Evidence, that we were not so hungry...LOL!
Another dream come true for Miss Blue your Thrifty Wanderer...
LANTAW-Floating Restaurant in Cordova...CHECKED!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Montañeza Falls and Mainit Spring at Malabuyoc via "Baluarte" of Alegria,Cebu City

Another late post here from one our South Falls adventures... This was one of my favorite posts, since this adventure was with my mom on this exciting and funny adventure. Our Montañeza Falls-Mainit Spring Adventure!!!

As usual, we just heard about this place from one acquaintance we've met from our last adventure. We just looked for the signboard along the way. Good thing the people of Malabuyoc guided us through. It was a long ride from City of Naga, Cebu City (I'm sorry if my kilometer zero always starts in Naga not from the city itself. It is where my cousin lives and serves as our assembly area in all of our adventures. Don't worry, it's just an hour or less away from Cebu City so you can do the math) Malabuyoc is the municipality next to Alegria.

It was a rainy Sunday, so when we arrived at the area we were restricted by someone in-charged (someone from their Municipal Hall, I think who's collecting 20php entrance per head and parking fee) to go up to the highest falls for our safety. We were quite frustrated hearing it but must go on and just enjoy what adventures await.

This is one of the hot springs...Surprise? Yes, it's just along the river to Montañeza Falls. We just stopped by and posed for awhile with a promise to get back.

Enjoying the mud...

Yes, that's for real...You have to use a ladder and passed through a cave to cross to the other side to unravel the hidden treasure... Technically, it's really hidden.

The cave and you have to use a ladder again...

To be here...The 2nd falls...
The water was not that clear because it was a rainy day...

 Pictures with our young tour guides...In fairness, they added life to our adventure. They guided and assisted us well, plus the fact that they were all funny and entertaining.

Enjoying the coldness of the water...

Exploring the cave...
This is the first falls where kids will surely enjoy...
After the adventure at the 2nd falls, we went back to the first falls to play with my little cousins.
 On our way back to our car, we took quick dipped to Mainit spring. There are actually two small hot springs in the middle of the river. I thought it was a pool built by the residence for their kids and was shocked when our guide told us it's the Mainit Spring. Far from what I expected, I expected it to be hazy and we have to take a long walk to reach it, but, as what they said "Do not expect too much!"...The pool in the photo above is lukewarm.
 But this small is too hot...I forced my mom to dip her legs into the water. I've read it's good for rheumatoid arthritis. hehehe!
 I once saw pictures of a ruined lighthouse somewhere in the South that I envied it so much and I told myself to visit the place soon. Good thing it was my cousin's husband who drove us on this trip. We drop-by and we were given 15 minutes to take pictures.
Baywalk park of Alegria...
The remain of "Baluarte" as what they call it..
I so love this photo...It reminds me of the photos being cut-off and pasted on a painting or scenic picture (I'm not sure if you are familiar with it but it was so popular before, when phones don't have cameras and there's no digital cameras yet, only analog and shots are limited; and there were no adobe or camera360 yet.)This picture looks like one of them.

After this photo was taken, our driver shouted time is up and we all ran back and chased the car. I even had photos of it, but my cousin will surely kill me if I'm going to post it here. Anyway, another unforgettable and enjoyable adventure for me and my family. This time 3-in-one; Montañeza Falls and Mainit Spring of Malabuyoc and Baluarte of Alegria Cebu City...CHECKED!!!