Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We are still experiencing series of earthquake aftershocks here in Cebu and also in Bohol. Just last Sunday, we were awaken by the tremors again. Staying inside the house makes us all more nervous that caused us to think negatively about the situation. So, my dear cousin contacted us and picked us up; to pay visit  Sto. Niño church and stroll around Cebu for us not to feel the trembling of the ground.
Think of me as shallow minded but, it was a dream come true for me. We've been planning to visit the place but never had time to do so. hahaha!
The place is very relaxing...Yes, that view is just in Cebu...

It was already 1pm when we arrived in the area. It's a well known place in Cebu so, you can just ask around for directions on how to reach it.

They really have a wide area and according to one of their staffs, they are soon to open another branch in SRP ( South Road Properties). They also have branch in Busay, overlooking the city of Cebu.
The place is very romantic and very peaceful. So ideal for romantic dates or if you just want to get away of the city for a while.

They have unique glasses, right? Those are just jars of mayonnaise.

If you visit the place, I highly recommend their baked tahong...Hmmm...I can still remember the taste...

Evidence, that we were not so hungry...LOL!
Another dream come true for Miss Blue your Thrifty Wanderer...
LANTAW-Floating Restaurant in Cordova...CHECKED!!!


  1. Salamat! Thanks for the info! Tomorrow we might be going to celebrate our anniversary there in Lantaw with my wife! Looks yammy! Thanks also for the words of Charles R. Swindoll! He has many great books! God bless! Leo&Eva from our home in the Philippines Lapu-Lapu

    1. Happy Anniversary Leo and Eva...For sure you'll love the place...Thanks for the time reading my blog...Pit Senyor! :)