Friday, May 6, 2016

Basdaku Moalboal, Cebu

The summer heat is on plus El NiƱo is in action, most of us are excited about the weekend and busy searching online for best places to spend the weekend with. Some may have already booked flights to other places and some just opt to look for beautiful beaches around Cebu. My Nanay who's having her vacation here in Cebu asked us to spend our weekend on a beach. She wanted to bury her legs in the sand (a sort of therapy for her).

We picked our cousin in Naga City and set forth to our Moalboal adventure. It was around 3-4 hours drive from the city. 

I tried to contact inns/accommodation before we left the city but since it's summer, most hotels were fully booked. Given such situation, gamble and still continue with our weekend getaway. Basdaku is the popular beach destination in Moalboal. The moment we get-in we were informed that it's already fully-booked unless we have tents or we are willing to rent tents; in which most tourists would do.
  We are willing to rent tents by that time, but good thing someone approached us and informed that a booked room in Nanay Terry's Beach resort was canceled. We took the offer and bid for a lower price since there are only 5 of us. It was supposed to be 3,500php good for 8 persons with 2 beds, but we got it for 2,500php.

It was almost sunset when we arrived, so we visited the shore to feed our eyes with the beauty of the sunset.

We woke up early and strolled around...

It was a great Moalboal experience with family!!!

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