Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our 2014 CARAGA Visit- The Series of Unfortunate Events

This blog entry was in my draft for 2 years now. This should be posted last December 2014 but I can't recall anymore the reasons why I was not able to publish this...Waaaaahhhh...

I am always thinking of reasons why I keep on coming back to CARAGA and these are reasons been running in my mind:

  • Friends- most of my closest college friends are from different places in CARAGA
  • Occasions- 2014 part of the reason was Badat's wedding, 2016 visit was her daughter's christening and part our honeymoon tour (yes, I'm already married and will share some wedding experiences and tips soon)
  • My happy place :D

I mentioned in my blog about Enchanted River that it was in the middle of typhoon Seniang when we had our vacation there. Rain welcomed us at Butuan (Bancasi) airport.

We stayed in our friend's house in San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur. Most of them are working in the capitol, so we were able to visit their offices and the famous Naliyagan ground.

We visited Gibong River Irrigation and a closed hanging bridge just a few meters away from the dam.

 Another disappointment for us after we surprised a friend and found out she's out of town. The hanging bridge we wanted to visit was padlocked. Us, trying to break the lock. hahaha! This is where the series of unfortunate events started.

Yeah, right..! I was the only one who doesn't have a partner at that time. 

One of my favorite part, "pamutong" and lunch in Sta. Irene..

After our lunch in a friend's house in Sta. Irene, we set forth to Tandag, Surigao del Sur to attend our friend's wedding the next day. The van broke down in the middle of nowhere. 

There's no such thing as misadventure as long as you are with your best buddies and everyone's trying to lighten up the situation and sees it as an opportunity to bond and enjoy.

Despite what happened, we made it through the event. Best wishes to the newlywed!!!

Struck a pose in one of Tandag's shore facing the Pacific Ocean...

Tandag City Boulevard.

I wanted to post another jump-shot photo along Tandag City boulevard but, as I reviewed this entry I posted a lot of jump-shots. We actually do it everywhere as long as there's a space to jump in.

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