Thursday, September 12, 2013

CAMBAIS FALLS- Hidden Treasure of Alegria, South of Cebu

I've been so busy lately that I was not able to post our Falls adventures. We thought we already conquered the entire South of Cebu, but we were wrong! There are still a lot of hidden gems to discover. Let's start with Cambais Falls of Alegria. We have to travel for almost 4 hours just to witness its beauty. We almost lost our way and to see the falls and when we were about to give up a good and very hospitable citizen of Alegria accompanied us to the falls.

 We park our car here and took a few pictures for this blog.

That's Kuya our tour guide. He was explaining something about the land around Cambais falls but my cousins are busy with the pictorial.

 On our way to the falls.

 We passed through this mini forest.

And again, my adventurous nephews were with us. That's Gian enjoying the walk and leading the team.

Finally, after that sweaty hiking...

Enjoying the view...

We stayed there for just an hour or less because we have to travel back. Plus the fact that the water was so cold at that time, it was a gloomy Sunday by the way.
My brother, cousins and I enjoying the falls.

 We were advised by Kuya that it will be a short trip if use the other route. We can reach Cambais through Mantalungon and we were all shocked. We never thought of that. So, we tried the advised route.

 I'm not new to Mantulongan I had a very memorable adventure with friends there.

 We really enjoyed the view; the mountains, the vegetable plantations, and the fresh air. Talking about the vegetable plantation, we were all shocked when my cousin suddenly screamed inside the car because she saw a cabbage farm and it was her first time. 

 We bought fresh and super cheap vegetables in one of the communities there.

 And since, I'm more familiar with the place than they do; I informed them about this beautiful place. It almost dusk but we spent like 15 minutes to enjoy the view and took some pictures.

It was a long journey to the South of Cebu but scenic view, the adventures we experienced and the great people we met were all worth it. Cambais Falls of Alegria...CHECK!!!

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