Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan Cebu, City

As I promised to post our South falls adventures...Here's another hidden place we visited, the Inambakan Falls at Ginatilan, South of Cebu City.

 It was a long travel from the City of Naga but it was really worth it. We arrived in an old house where we park the car and walked for almost 15 minutes until we saw this sign...Finally, welcome to Inambakan Falls.

The place is not yet that developed, they have small cottages for 200php but you cannot stay there for overnight, the cottage is a simple bamboo chair and table.

It was Sunday when we visited the place but it seems that we were the only tourists there and we so love it. Inambakan Falls was exclusive for our family.

 As usual, my adventurous nephews were with us. They enjoyed it so much since the water is not deep and they have areas where you can let them swim and play with the water.

 The water was so cold and so inviting...hmmmm...

If you're going to visit the place, you should bring your own food and drinks, because there are no available stores there unlike the other commercialized falls that we've previously visited. Good thing we brought food this time and it was a fun-filled day and another thrifty adventure for the Thrifty Wanderer. So, Inambakan Falls...CHECKED!!!

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