Monday, April 6, 2015

Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Dalaguete

Last month, I posted about our climbed to OsmeƱa Peak, but we had sidetrips before and after our mountain climbing adventure. We arrived in Dalaguete around 2pm and dropped off in-front of their museum, the center of the town. 
After our late lunch, we tour around the place and visited Dalaguete church.

 Isn't it amazing..??

 Mountain climbers exploring the town too.

The view in-front the church was really amazing...

------The following day---Right after our mountain climbing------

We did not expect that our mountain climbing will end up so early, around 8am in the morning. We still have a lot of time, so our friend who's from Dalaguete suggested we go for spring hopping. Obong Spring is the only spring I knew and visited so far.

 First Spring: Balagtigi Spring 

 The water was too shallow when went there, but too cold as ice and crystal clear.

Next Stop: Gakub Spring

If you traveled South and beyond Dalaguete, you might be familiar of this spring. It's just right beside the highway. No entrance fee but there are cottages for rent for 200php.

There were locals swimming that time when we visited and unfortunately, I was not able to dip my feet to feel the water.

 It was crystal clear too just like Balagtigi. 

Lastly, Obong Spring

Waiting for a tricycle. Fare from Gakub to Obong is only 18php/head. The entrance fee in Obong is only 5php.

 I've been to Obong already, but I was excited because of "ginanggang na saging" or grilled banana. 

It was another thrifty adventures and bonding with friends. We stayed overnight in one of our friends house who's a local in Dalaguete (free accommodation) hahaha! We didn't have itinerary for this trip, but it was truly amazing and we enjoyed it so much!  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Durano Eco-Farm

Photo taken from Durano Eco-Farm FB account :)

Hellooo there! Just want to share another summer destination we visited last week at North of Cebu, named Durano Eco-Farm and Spring Resort. It is located in Upper Carmen.

 Once you reached Carmen public market just turn left(if you come from Cebu City) at the alley before National High School. No signboards on the way, so you need to ask local residence/s along the way to make sure you're on the correct route. 

They got a wide parking area full of flowers and trees. 

Entrance Fee: Adult- 60php Children from 4 to 10 years old- 30php.

Need to walk 160 steps down from the entrance. We brought a big ice box and needed to hire someone to carry it for us.

There are tables and chairs for rent for 200-300 php. 20php if you request additional chairs. There are numbered areas where the tables and chairs can be placed. 

 You just have to present your receipt at their food station and someone will give you your station number. You can choose from the vacant spot where they can arrange the tables, umbrella and chairs for you. 

For those who plan to bring their kids, do not forget to bring insect repellents with you. There are a lot of  plants and trees around. 

  They have tree houses for as low as 1, 200 php where you can stay overnight as well. 

Let's start our pool hopping! They have seven not so big pools.

 This is the pool one for kids and I believe where source of water is coming too. We lingered here longer compared to the other pools because my mom and aunt believe it's the cleanest pool. hahaha!
 Water source...

It may look inviting from the photos but just want to let you know that, this photo is the closer look of the pool.

Second pool, just right across the first pool.

Third Pool...

 Fourth Pool...

This is the 5th and the deepest pool (12feet in depth). Over crowded as you can see, I was not able to take good photos for this post; so pardon me :(

Sixth Pool...
 Seventh Pool...

 There's a river beneath the pools, some are going there to swim and take 'selfies' too. 

There are motorcycles "habal-habal" waiting outside the farm, if you don't have your own ride.

 Overall, it was a fun adventure for us and staying in a green environment  even just for a daywas very relaxing. But as a blogger I need to remind my readers that if "swimming" is what you are really looking for; I do not recommend this place for being too crowded and the pools are too shallow.
Then again, Miss Blue the Thrifty Wanderer was at Durano Eco-Farm :)