Monday, April 6, 2015

Exploring the Hidden Treasures of Dalaguete

Last month, I posted about our climbed to OsmeƱa Peak, but we had sidetrips before and after our mountain climbing adventure. We arrived in Dalaguete around 2pm and dropped off in-front of their museum, the center of the town. 
After our late lunch, we tour around the place and visited Dalaguete church.

 Isn't it amazing..??

 Mountain climbers exploring the town too.

The view in-front the church was really amazing...

------The following day---Right after our mountain climbing------

We did not expect that our mountain climbing will end up so early, around 8am in the morning. We still have a lot of time, so our friend who's from Dalaguete suggested we go for spring hopping. Obong Spring is the only spring I knew and visited so far.

 First Spring: Balagtigi Spring 

 The water was too shallow when went there, but too cold as ice and crystal clear.

Next Stop: Gakub Spring

If you traveled South and beyond Dalaguete, you might be familiar of this spring. It's just right beside the highway. No entrance fee but there are cottages for rent for 200php.

There were locals swimming that time when we visited and unfortunately, I was not able to dip my feet to feel the water.

 It was crystal clear too just like Balagtigi. 

Lastly, Obong Spring

Waiting for a tricycle. Fare from Gakub to Obong is only 18php/head. The entrance fee in Obong is only 5php.

 I've been to Obong already, but I was excited because of "ginanggang na saging" or grilled banana. 

It was another thrifty adventures and bonding with friends. We stayed overnight in one of our friends house who's a local in Dalaguete (free accommodation) hahaha! We didn't have itinerary for this trip, but it was truly amazing and we enjoyed it so much!  

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