Monday, January 26, 2015

Cebu KartZone

 Want to try something new in Cebu? Feeling too old for a bump car? Why not try karting!!!
It was unexpected from our group. My friends from Cagayan de Oro City was here for a wedding but we made a little tour around Cebu on our little time and yours truly was the tour guide. wahahaha!
From our SUTUKIL in Mactan Shrine we went to F. Cabahug Street, Cebu City. Just right beside Sykes. 
The Kart...
They did not show us how to drive it, if you know how to drive a bump car you'll surely know how to drive this thingy...They just let us watch a video for about 5 minutes with all reminders on those video. Signs that you have to consider. All I can remember is that a flag will be raise if they think you're a threat to yourself and to other racers.
Helmets are provided but you have to pay like 20 pesos for the mask, because the helmet is kinda sweat smelly..So here are the Khangkhongs (the name of our group in our previous company).

It was 350php for 8 lapses at that time but it is 450php now, and they have 4 lapses during weekdays.

Thanks to one of the Khangkhongs who took this shot. I enjoyed it so much. It was showering when we tried this, that added color to our adventure and mud to our clothes. LOL.

They have this small stage where you can do the "make believe" awarding ceremony. Which we did..For photo's sake!!! Another great adventure it was for Miss Blue The Thrifty Wanderer with KhangKhong friends. Cebu KartZone...CHECKED!!!

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