Monday, February 16, 2015

CMYK- Dessert House

 Belated Happy Heart's Day everyone!!! This post may be late for Valentines but may be helpful for people with "sweet tooth", like me (*wink)!
 A dessert house just beside Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. The name of the place is CMYK- lovers it is "Chocolate Makes You Kiss!" and for artists, may define it as "Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key" as their logo uses the said color model..
 Outside the cafe'...
 The place is small and simple...Perfect for people looking for a stamping ground.

 Those mouth watering cakes...

 The Menu!
 Our food...

 I highly recommend you try their mugcake (hot and cold ice cream cake that will melt in your mouth)... I can't find my photo of it on my files..

As usual play- around with my food buddy Teache :)
 They have these colorful placards you can use as props.hahaha!

CMYK Dessert House...CHECKED on Miss Blue's list...

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