Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Climb to Osmeña Peak

 Summer 2015 is officially open, that's why I'm so excited to post this blog about our little adventure around Dalaguete. Two years ago I posted a blog about Obong Spring and I remember that time I swore that I'm going to come back one day and climb the famous Osmeña Peak and I am proud to say that I did!

 Along with 5 other adventurous workmates we tour around Dalaguete, I'll post another blog for it :)
 It was all our first time, even though two from our group are from the said place, they never dared to visit the peak. We did not dare to set a camp in their because our concern was our safety, but our goal is to see the sunrise from the top. So, our wake-up call was 4am. We left Dalaguete proper 5:21 am. We hired a single motorcycle to pick-up us up. Good thing they are on time. We bought water at Mantalongon market when a kid Jan-jan approached us and offered to be our guide, so we brought him along. No worries, because you don't need to pay additional in the motorcycle for the guide.
 If you really love hiking you can start your journey at Mantalongon market, that's what other hikers do, but for beginners like us, we paid additional 50pesos to the base of the mountain. 
50pesos- Dalaguete to Mantalongon
50pesos- Mantalongon Market to base of the mountain

You need to log your names before you start trekking. There's a group of students when we arrived and we waited a few minutes before we started our own journey to the top.
 Unfortunately, Mr. Sun rises, so early that day.
 We are just few meters away from the base but still it was so beautiful...

Good thing Jan-jan knows how to use/operate our cameras, he documented our climb and even took good pictures of the view.hmmm...Good job!

You can pass through vegetable farm along the way. I grew up in a farm, but our crops are corn and sugarcane, so it was my first time seeing actual cabbage growing in the soil and not in a market or grocery store..Yay!

 After less than hour of hiking, we're almost there. It was not that too tiring after all.
 The temperature change, it was getting colder and windier...
 Saw these piles of alcohol bottles and let me think, "Some campers are drinkers? Or they brought it to warm them up during the cold camp night?". 

I envied those campers...hmmm...
 Yang in action...
 Those are not chocolate hills, but look like though...

 Our groufie on top...
 We were filming a video to be posted on our facebook..hahaha!
The struggle just to get a good spot for pictures.

 The Selfie King and Queen :P
 And all are busy taking photos and enjoying the view. We secure a spot and never left until we are all satisfied.
 We recorded a video here too. The fearless six :)
 Play around...
 I need to pose for my blog. I was their profile pic photographer, but you know how unlucky you are if you somewhat know how to capture an angle but no one can reciprocate that for you. LOL...
The color of the mountain is getting brighter as we descend.
 Compare this photo to the photo at the beginning of our hike.

 Our tired and dirty feet.
 We get off the mountain around 9am. We were all hungry, we brought food, but was not able to eat it due to the enjoyment. We dropped Jan2x back in the market and proceed to another adventure. Our Spring hopping that will be posted in my next post.
Miss Blue, the Thrifty Wanderer conquered Osmeña Peak and will surely come back for a camping.

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