Friday, June 27, 2014

Country Basket Pastries and More- Cebu

As I was saying on my previous post, a lot of cutie cute resto's and cafe's suddenly popped up around Cebu this past months. Teache and I often stroll around to relieve our stress especially every Saturday and just last last Saturday we end up in this cute new place in Lahug, across JY Center Mall and in-front of Maybank; a cafe called "Country Basket". It's a two storey thin and cute building selling delicious pastries, a very relaxing place too.

 Yummy pastries...

My cake, "HAZELnut", just joking..

 Cake in a jar for 155php.

 The second floor.

 I love colorful decorations, very lively.

 Our food...The lasagna is creamy and not to mention the mouth watering cake. For all of these food we spent just around 600php and we stayed in the place for more than 3 hours.


Another delicious and stress-free weekend for Miss Blue, The Thrifty Wanderer. Country Basket Pastries and more...CHECKED!!!

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