Friday, July 4, 2014

Cafe CAW!

Just last week we visited another cafe in Lahug at SSY Center, named Cafe Caw. I asked one of the employees about the name of the cafe (I was curious) but I was not able to understand his explanation so never mind. The place is not that catchy outside but I saw the colorful cages in the glass wall on the second floor so, we gave it a try.
 I like the artwork on glass but I think there's something missing on it, to give the place more life. Or maybe it was just a gloomy morning when we went there, that's why I was not hooked of the place's ambiance.
 Their pastries...Their displayed pastries were not mouth watering either. So we looked for something special.
 I love this message on the stairs.
 My favorite corners of the cafe. Hmmm...after hopping from one cafe to another, I can say they have similarities when it comes to their interior design.
 And those are the cages that caught my attention from the outside :)
 Our orders! Quite similar to what we ordered from the last cafe we visited.hahaha! They should've displayed their rainbow cake to attract their customers. I  like their kitkat shake something (gosh! what kind of blogger I am, I forgot the name...Sorry..).

 It was early in the morning when we visited the place, there were no customers yet aside from us. We were able to play around. We enjoyed the mirrors with different colors, shapes and sizes hung on the wall.
 Their single couches were cute too, it made me feel like a queen.
We lingered at Cafe Caw for more than 2 hours again!hahaha!

 I did not forget to leave a mark of course. So again, Miss Blue the Thrifty Wanderer now a cafe hopper visited Cafe Caw!!!

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