Monday, August 4, 2014


What is new and hot in Cebu? People are crazy about this for the past months. I was asked many times about this place and I was clueless by then. The last time I saw the place was renovated/constructed and the next thing I know it was the talk of the town already. It is called PIZZA REPUBLIC Pic + Mix by Giuseppe Genco. Located at Salinas drive, Lahug, beside the newly opened Island Souvenirs, just right across Mang Inasal.

They are open from 11am. We went there 11am and here's the long line of customers when we arrived.

Look what the camera addicts found while falling in line, a corner where customers can take pictures of themselves. So, we tried it and took 3 or 4 photos.hahaha!

Here's another groupie at the place while waiting for our turn to be entertained.

Everything starts here at the assembly area.

The mixing and forming of dough.

Next stop you "Pic" the ingredients and "Mix".

Putting of sauce and you choose the cheese you like, you can put all if you want.

Our group had a hard time deciding which ingredients to pic and mix so we ordered all 10 types of pizza they have on their list. woot..woot..!

With choosing all flavors, we just ask if we wanted to ask something and watch them prepare it.

My new favorite Calzone being uniquely prepared with tomato, mozzarella cheese, ham, bell pepper and eggplant.
The numbers, given to the customers and being put on pizzas to be cooked to make sure it won't mixed up.

They are using "pugon" (furnace) in cooking the pizza, and that's the unique thing about it compared to other commercial pizzas.

Where you can pick up your drinks.

Groupie again while waiting for our number to be called. The looks of a  hungry and excited group. 

Finally our pizzas are ready. BB girls with our one and only Jhon.

Food porn attempt!

QUATTRO FORMAGGI or Four Cheese Pizza

There you go, parade of pizzas.

The calzone!

The ritual, leaving a mark :)

Trying hard to post and insert my post it on one corner of the resto where some other customers posted their own too.

PR's comfort room. It's clean but boys and girls are sharing so we have to wait.

Another blogger ritual, playing and taking pictures on mirrors, this time with Teache, Hazel (my katokayo) and Bham.

The late comer, baby boy Carl. A perfect model of Pizza Republic, what do you think?

Another groupie this time with Carl.

It was nice and another treasurable moment with the BB girls. Miss Blue the thrifty wanderer now cafe and resto hopper was at Pizza Republic!!!

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