Thursday, February 27, 2014

Moviedate at Jango's Cafe in Talamban, Cebu City

What’s the most anticipated day of the week? Hmmm...For students, most likely it's Saturday, for those who are working, rest day(s) is their favorite day contrary to Monday (my hatest day too, that's why we have Monday blues). Resting is a normal thing to do, malling is sometimes boring and going out of town needs enough budget and proper planning. So, what other means to enjoy rest day/s? Yes, eating and watching your favorite movies with friends!!! Having it at the comfort of your home is ideal but sometimes we wanted a new environment to unwind and do whatever we want to do with friends. We cannot just shout out loud at home, our parents, boardmates or neighbors might scold us. My friends and I looked over the internet for a movie house here in Cebu that is affordable and already open in the morning. There are plenty of movie houses but mostly opened at 12 noon or 1 in the afternoon, except for Jango’s Café.
So here we come... Jango's Cafe!!!
 It is located in Talamban near University of San Carlos- Talamban Campos, just right in-front Family's Park.
Waiting for our orders...

We like their smoothies...especially the strawberry surprise.

Popcorn for 95php with free 2 cans of softdrinks.
I so love their Bibingka surprise...hmmm...and we received a complimentary food from the owner their yummy Jango's chocolate experience.

Our movie recommended by Miss Sansy.
Movie shelf :)

Their expression mirror (I just invented the name.hahaha). Since we visited the place before valentinesday, of course their expression mirror was full of heart letters...
We posted our heart letters too. Here's one from check his blog too :)
Hey single ladies...

Follow Jango's Cafe at Instagram, like their page in Facebook and check-in @ FourSquare to get a free Icetea.

Sssshhhh...Observe decency please...

Screaming our hearts out and exercising our vocal chords.

We were hiding behind pillows but we managed to ate all our food (hahaha!).
One of the owners, Miss Sansy...Very friendly and accommodating. Thanks for the complimentary food ;)
We super love the place, enjoyed the movie and surely we'll get back and recommend it to our friends too. Another exciting bonding with friends was completed and Miss Blue the Thrifty Wanderer now love Jango's Cafe :)

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