Monday, January 13, 2014

Riverstone Castle in Argao (Throwback Post)

 I cannot recover our photos with this beautiful place anymore; we visited Argao Stone Castle 2 years ago.
 We saw it featured in one of the Korina's tv shows and decided to see the place too. It did not fail our expectations. I'm not sure what changes have been done to the place but it was a great experience for us all.
 I even left a message on their logbook. They are asking for feedback, suggestion or anything you want to say about the place.
Swimming was the last activity we've done; we enjoyed the tour around the castle and this wine bar inside it with an aquarium floor.

 The pool was not that big but, we still enjoyed it.

Just sharing this cute paradise in Argao that we've visited before. I hope I can visit the place again and post more photos and provide you more information about the place. For Miss Blue, Argao Stone Castle...CHECKED!!!

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