Friday, January 3, 2014

Let's Start the Year by Writing Our Goals

Happy New Year everyone!!!
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Aside from fireworks, long vacations, reunions, plenty of food, gaining weight, etc; what do we usually do at the end and beginning of our year? Hmmm… Reflecting? Counting our fortunes and misfortunes for the past year? For some maybe yes and for most maybe just living life as it is. We can simply say just “going with the flow”. 
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Others have their “New Year’s Resolution”… I often have, but I’m only good at the beginning of the year. The most common I guess is: Losing weight/diet, Saving, Stop the current vices they have, Be nice, etc. At the end of the year, were you able to achieve those resolutions? What happened? We often lose track. Wondering why? It’s because we did not write those goals.

 If you did write, are you reviewing those goals? I have read that technique from books and heard it on lectures and seminars but did not apply it wholeheartedly. Yes, I am writing my goals and wishes but I just did it because I know I should write it. Without any commitment, I should reach those goals and fulfill those dreams.

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I’m pretty sure many can relate so, let’s start our year with a bang! Write a bucket list and commit to achieve all this year and add any goals/dreams anytime. It’s your bucket list anyway. I’m writing down mine, and will start achieving those. Always remember SMART(Specific-Measurable-Achievable- Realistic & Relevant- Time-bound.
Photo taken from the internet :D
Miss Blue, the Thrifty Wanderer will live a meaningful and accomplished life this year!!!

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  1. Good luck and God Bless for your goals and dreams! Very good pic this highway to Heaven. But we can reach there also following even small pathways. The direction is the most important! Leo