Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Roadtrip to South and Whaleshark Watching in Oslob

Another throwback post here...Hmmm...Our roadtrip to Oslob!!!
It was a long trip that we need to stop-off to eat our lunch. Actually, this shore made us stopped in Boljoon. We were all amazed when we saw the beach from the distance and decided to have our lunch in there.

Boljoon church one of the oldest church.

We did not miss the chance of posing on their park along the shore.
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Until we arrived on our target destination...WHALE WATCHING!!!
There were plenty of tourists at that time, both foreign and local. After paying, it was 300php at that time (I’m not sure how much it costs now) we had briefing from their local government the Do's and Don’ts while watching.
Aside from 300php you have to rent a life vest for 50php.

According to them, the whale sharks are sometimes moody and don't show-up especially if they're stressed out.
We were lucky they showed up that day.

This may be a late post but Miss Blue the Thrifty Wanderer had visited and experienced whale shark watching in Oslob, Cebu!!!

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