Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OPPA CAFE- Cebu City

Who loves "My Love from the other Star" or "The Heirs"? Just two of the most popular Korean novelas in the country right now. I might sound like a "Jologs", but wait; I really am a Jologs eversince. I am not afraid to admit that I love watching Korean series and listening to their music though, "Saranghe" is the only word I understand and also the famous lines of the Korean novela lead actresses, "OPPA"!!!

Wheew!!! Quite an introduction, I'm not going to write a review on a specific Koren novela but just want to share one of the famous cafe house in town right now, "Oppa Cafe". I've been invited by my cousin to visit and chill-out in the said place but I had no time and finally, out of stress and unexpected trip to Colon we dropped-by the place.

 Their drinks are just affordable :)

 You'll enjoy reading the notes written by the people who've been to the place, mostly students with their friends.

 They have two flat screen tv's who played Korean shows.
 Posters of Korean artists are posted around the walls too. Some were brought by their guests, I believe..Hmmm...

 We just want to feel and enjoy the moment so we ended up ordering this fish something..Nah, I forgot the name.

 We tried their Shave Ice. Honey Melon and Apple.

We enjoyed it and we're planning to visit all Korean themed cafe's around the town to compare. So, Oppa Cafe...CHECKED!!!