Monday, March 31, 2014

YOLO: Tuslob Buwa in Azul!!!

Have you heard about "Tuslob Buwa"in Cebu? Some may say "Yes" and already tried it, some can't dare to try it and plenty may ask "What is it?” I'm not sure where it really originated but since; I first heard, saw and experienced it in Cebu; I can say "of course here in Cebu!". I saw it on TV featured one of Cebu's local magazine show; "Mag TV Na!” I got curious and more challenged when I saw it on my own eye in Pasil market. So, I added it on my YOLO (You-Only-Live-Once) list.
A friend and a workmate posted his Tuslob Buwa adventure on his fb so I asked him to accompany me and I challenged some friends to come along and experience the famous Tuslob Buwa of Cebu.

One a Wednesday morning we visited the improvised or should I say more sanitized version of Tuslob Buwa in AZUL it's located in Gorordo beside Yamaha and InkinIan.
You'll find these warnings on their wall and we find it so funny.

Here's the view outside and where you are going to cook your own Tuslob Buwa.

The store will provide you all the needed materials ( Butane stove, frying pan and ladle)and ingredients(Oil, pork brain, pork liver/intestines, onion, soysauce and shrimp paste) for only 99php with 12 puso(rice in a coconut leaves).

You may also order Siomai one of Cebu's famous street food.

So, our guide started cooking...Heating up the oil.
Saute the garlic.
Add the pork brain, liver and add soysauce.

Stir...stir...and keep on stirring until it boils and the bubbles (buwa) appear.
And it's now ready to be eaten with puso rice.

Dip the puso rice into the pan with boiling bubbles or "buwa" and that's what you called "Tuslob Buwa" !

Do it all together with friends to enjoy more, another version of boodle fight, right?

Evidence that we did not enjoy it much! hahaha!

It's one of a kind challenge. My friends and I accomplished one thing on our YOLO list. Tuslob Buwa
 in Cebu, CHECKED!!!


  1. hmmm.. interesting.. I actually wanted to try this before but was told it was a little "unhygienic" and since I have a very sensitive tummy (and yet I am a lover of street foods.. hehe), I never did. But it seems that there is a better and safer way to try it so I might do it some time... kuyug ko ninyu!!! Invite me over ok, I am still in Cebu after all... hehhe ;-)

    1. huhuhu! Miss Nel...When?Now it explains why I dreamed of you earlier...hahaha!sure Miss Tuslob Buwa ta, when man?

    2. Haze.. text me... am always free on weekends... especially Saturdays. ;-) hehe..