Thursday, May 9, 2013

My heart bleeds again! (Copied from My Old Blog :( )

So funny, that I bumped into my old blog/emo blog should I say. So sad I can't recover my old blog anymore:( So I just copied this quote I composed for my old friend way back July of 2009(my crush since elementary to be honest). Can you imagine? I am that insane hehehe! I'm going to transfer some of my poems here . I copied this first since, this is my all time favorite, ever...I posted this before to different social media accounts that I have. I even wrote this to my diary. I know many people can relate to what I felt when I composed this...

Here it goes...

"Why is it that when you are already on the last stage of healing your broken heart, the person that broke it suddenly appears and cut the stitches leaving you with a much deeper wound.The most painful part is that, HE DOESN'T KNOW"
 My heart bleeds again!

by: Miss Blue

Now, I dedicate this to a friend who felt the same. If she reads this, for sure she'll know and she'll!  

Thanks for dropping-by and reading a part of my thoughts :D


  1. Haha awts!!! Yes I know but the difference between us...maaga me nagising sa katotohanan. The wound it creates is not that deep. Anyway you're right, nakarelate ko and natawa upon reading this. Thanks!

    1. Wahahaha! I knew it!mag react ka talaga..hehehe! I have poems pa na for sure maka relate ka...I'll post it soon...hehehe!

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    1. Thanks Gill!Your comment is greatly out for more informative blogs to be posted :D

      Take care and all the best!