Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Revision of a Bitter Poem from an old Bitter Blog!!!

I revised my bitter poem from my old bitter blog. Lol!:

If only it is you and me, maybe I am so happy
If only I know that we are meant to be, maybe I’ll never felt this way
If only there is no She and there's no they, maybe it would only be you and me
If only I can turn back the time, I’m pretty sure it would be on the time that there was only you and me
If only I never met him, maybe until now I’m still fooled by YOU
But all of a sudden I realized, why it has always needs to be you..??

So now, if I’ll be given a chance to erase some of my memories, I want to erase all my memories of YOU.
I just want to let you know that I’m happy with my new,
And I’m already over you!!!
And I’ll do my best to get rid of you :p

Sometimes, we have to be broken to know who are people or the person that will make us whole again. It will never be the same old us but, a better and a stronger us. As they say why choose a good one if you can have the best among the rest, right? Lol! This is wandering Miss Blue not the broken one but the happy one. I am now saying goodbye to loneliness and greeting hello to happiness.

All the best!

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