Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Budget trip to BOHOL

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind upon hearing about Bohol? Hmmm…Chocolate hills, tarsier, floating restaurant, man-made forest, butterflies, beaches and many more, right? That’s why it’s one of the Philippines’ most visited tourist destination. My best friend and I planned a vacation in Bohol but unfortunately she can't make it on our scheduled day. Good thing, I have Girl Scout and Boy Scout friends who would always say "yes" to travel and adventure. 

So here we are!  
 Ticket Cebu to Tubigon : 220php + 10php (terminal fee)=230. We are on a budget that's why we took that route. If you're going to take Cebu to Tagbilaran fastcraft is 600- 800+ it depends.
 Port of Tubigon. It only took an hour and 15 minutes from Cebu to Tubigon.

Sikad(10/pax) (padyak) from port to Bus/Van terminal. We took a non-aircon bus since it was the bus ready to go when we arrived. Almost 2 hours travel from Tubigon to Tagbilaran. When we arrived at Tagbilaran terminal station tricycle driver asked and offered to take us to our destination.( Prior to that, Teache already reserved a pension house where we can stay overnight.) Travelers careful! We were victims of this con tricycle driver. He told us that it's 10pesos each and he was nice at first, he advertised a cheap inn (according to him), eventhough he knew that we already booked a pension. In the middle of the city, he dropped us and said that Taver's is just at the back and asked for 80pesos. He even pretended that he thought it was Nisa Inn where we were staying where in fact he repeated Taver's multiple times. Excuse my language but that stupid man destroyed our moods and almost ruined our vacation.I already heard and read negative feedback about the drivers that will take advantage on tourists but I never thought that we will be deceived by such. 

 Anyways, here's where we stay for overnight. Good thing they have good customer service.It's not big but it's clean and affordable.
We tried to erase the bad experienced we had. We were so dead hungry. So after we settled everything, we went to BQ Mall to eat and buy food for our trip the following day.
 Mary from Bohol invited us for dinner here at JJ's Seafood Village.

 We look so tired...Teache and I was straight from work that day.
I recommend JJ's Seafood because the food is affordable and their specialty is Patatim..
Thanks Mary for the treat!hehehe!Sarap talaga ng libre!!!

So from there, we walked to visit and see their seaside at night. Entrance is only 2php. You may eat there, there are vendors selling bbq, softdrinks, etc. We ended our night at Tavern's with a can of beer for the boys and Mary. Teache and I retired so!
We rented a car for only 2000php 8 hours countryside tour with tour-guide driver. Better booked ahead; on our end, since it was unplanned we booked a day before going there.
 First destination: Blood Compact no entrance fee...
 When you get there you might wonder why are there photographers taking pictures of you then will approach you in just a minute bringing printed photo of you and will ask for 100php.hahaha!

Next destination: Baclayon Church no entrance fee but if you're going to visit their museum 50php and they have a souvenir shop. You may light colored candles for 25php each depends on your wish or on what your prayers are for.
 Then, Meeting Prony- Bohol's biggest reticulated python. Entrance fee:25php and they will ask for donation.
 That's Prony 280kls, eating live goat or pig once a month and according to Marimar he already ate for the month of July.
 The caretaker can took pictures of you using your cameras but they have an in-house photographer here, again another 100php per pic.
 The one in blue is Marimar entertaining visitors and she's the one who introduced us to Prony. She sings and climb up the tree..hehehe! not to mention how she introduced Prony to us.wahahahaha!
The cute celebrity bird inside Prony's cage.
 Butterfly Garden: Entrance fee 35 php
 They have tour-guides that explain the life cycle of a butterfly and will tour you around the garden and willing to take pictures of you too, but using your own camera of course.
 They'll let you touch and play with butterflies and caterpillars.
Most awaited part of the tour Buffet @ Loboc River. 350php/head and 100php for maintenance.

 Meal tickets and receipts are attached to this post card

The boat will stopover in this place with the dancing kids. They will just ask for donation.

We've met this newly grad Canadian named Aaron. We had a chitchat with him and he even took photos of us. He is traveling alone and will be here in our country to explore for 2 months. Choose Philippines! Nice meeting you Aaron...By the way photographers will take photos also for 150php. They will also ask for donation for the singers.
Next, Hanging Bridge: Entrance fee 20php.

 Kuya Rudy our driver/tourguide took this photo.
 Tarsier - Entrance fee 60php with postcard...

 Rules in viewing...
 We did not stay that long in there because the Tarsiers were sleeping and we cannot touch them. We just roamed around and headed to our next destination.

Manmade Forest  no entrance fee it's just along hi-way.
 We stopped for a while to take picture of this...Just for my blog..hehehe!

 We were all excited about the riding a broomstick picture and we were all shocked when we got there and saw the tarpaulin.
 They directed all the posed. We don't even know what's the meaning of this picture.???
Each photo cost 100php.

The wishing well, you have to throw coin, wish and ring the bell.
We did not stay that long at the hill, because of the sun and a lot of tourists were loitering around looking for a perfect spot to take pics.
 Since we're heading back to Tubigon for our trip back to Cebu we decided to visit Sagbayan Peak. 
 Entrance fee: 30php
 The kids will surely enjoy this place... We enjoyed it ourselves eventhough our energies are draining...

Our supposedly peg , Teache should look like standing in Miko's palm. The funny thing that happened before taking this pic was, when Mike open his hand the kid in blue running upstairs in pic. He stopped infront of Mike thinking Miko is asking him for a donation, he even reached for his pocket while staring Mike and!

 Here's the view from Sagbayan peak...

They also have tarsier here, butterfly garden and even pools where you can swim, but since we were all tired and exhausted we sat and ate halo-halo in one of their cafe.

This is their menu. After few minutes of chit-chat and after eating our halo-halo, we all decided to go home. Kuya Rudy took us to Tubigon where we lined up for almost 2 hours just to buy our ticket back to Cebu.
Good thing there tickets left when we reached the counter but business, economy and tourist were all sold out...Then we settled at our seats with a siiiigh...There!!!Our adventure ended that day, but I know what happened and what we experienced will forever be treasured in our hearts...