Monday, May 20, 2013

THE RANCH RESORT at Bato, Toledo, Cebu City

Summer is not yet over for us...Just 2 weeks ago my cousins and I were itching to discover new place of adventure just around the south of Cebu. My cousins’ hubby, who happened to escort our president Noynoy Aquino at The Ranch Resort, suggested we visit this beautiful place. For those who are not familiar with Toledo City, it's located in the south of Cebu around 2 hours if you are going to take a bus from South terminal.

 The lobby...

We cannot miss this chance, to pose and take picture of this cute carriage...

They have a bee farm. Those bottles are honey...If my memory serves me right, it cost around 220php per jar, pure honey.

Bar outside, they have vodka, margarita, etc...Sorry I'm not into alcoholic beverages so, I can't remember it all.
Inside the vicinity. They have rooms if you want to stay overnight. You can choose day-use. Entrance fee is 100php for pool use. They have zipline for 150php, horseback riding 150php for 2 rounds, Obstacle course, you can also tour around with their golf cart for 50php, etc.
The first pool 4ft-7ft in depth. That's their resto-bar, you may order food and if you want,their cowboy waiters (semi-cowboy outfit but they're not riding a horse) will deliver the food in your cottages. You are not allowed to bring food inside the resort, I'm not sure if they are charging corkage. I bought 1 liter of mineral water for 65php it's up to you to judge if it's expensive or just right. We just bought finger food inside since we already have our lunch outside before we got in; to save, of course!We have food in the car.
You'll be amaze with their pools. They have more than 7 pools with different sizes and shapes. The place is very new and still being develop.

See...A pool within a farm/ranch..Very ideal, right?

You'll get tired before you finish swimming in all of their pools.

 Very inviting...
For day use you may get this kind of cottage or may just stay on their bar in-front of the pools. Just like we did. hehehe!

I've been dreaming of jumping in a trampoline, and this is it! A dream came true...My cousin and I releasing all the stress! We jumped and shout on top of our voices just like tots,other guests were actually staring at us but who cares..??
Kiddie pool...

 Who's in for adventure..?

View from the top...
Resting and enjoying the view. On the other side, is their farm. It was just too hot that we opted to stay under the shadow of a tree and relax rather than roam around the farm. This was another unexpected trip with my cousins and I really enjoyed it!


  1. how much is their rooms and cottages? thanks

    1. Hi sorry but I was not able to get their room rates because we did not stay their overnight but I guess they have a facebook account where you can get the contact number :D