Friday, November 1, 2013

Hidden Valley Mountain Resort, Pinamungajan Cebu- Throwback Post

Throwback post time...Expect to read throwback posts in the coming days.

My first year here in Cebu was full of travels and adventures with my cousins touring and showing me around Cebu.

Here are some photos. I was not an active blogger before so, I was not so particular with the details, but I hope the photos can help.

This is Hidden Valley Mountain Resort in Pinamungajan South part of Cebu. Its name describes its location. It's really a hidden resort on top of a Mountain. It was a long travel for us.

They have rooms for overnight stays and also cottages for day use if you just want to use the pool and go fishing.

We enjoyed the fish feeding on this pond where you can go and fish as well.

I can't locate some of our photos, on this orchidarium anymore.I know we have a lot...hmmm...

The pools and rooms...

Throwback post..Pinamungajan Hidden Valley Resort...The Thrifty Wanderer has been there 2 years ago :D

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