Thursday, November 7, 2013

Typhoon Yolanda: Prayer-Awareness-Preparedness!!!

Cebuano's are getting used of the aftershocks after the traumatic earthquake and here comes a super typhoon threatening to hit Cebu again. We can’t stop it from happening but we can prepare for it.

Here are some tips to prepare:
  • First, do not Panic!
  • Secure non perishable goods/food. Enough to survive for 2-3 days.

  •  Stock clean drinking water.
  •  Make sure to have basic medicines.
  •  Pack some clothes and secure all important documents.
  • Secure flashlight (better battery operated)
  • Radio to monitor news
  • Research can also help you prepare but sometimes will cause panic
  • Must prepare an evacuation plan if necessary
  • Make sure all cellphones are fully charged, communication is very important.
  • Follow advise from the government/authorities if in need to evacuate.
 I am not an expert on this field but I hope this could help. Always remember "PAP" Prayers-Awareness-Preparedness will always be our shield against disaster.

Let us all pray for our safety. Surely our Almighty God will Bless us all!!!

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