Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tour Around Cebu in Just One Day!!!

1. TOPS: 

Located in Barangay Malubog, Busay, Cebu City- overseeing the city; best visited during night to see the city lights, but since this is a one day tour you can start your tour here. Still, you'll enjoy the view.

 Do not forget to ring the bell.. the photo below is the directions for use. The last time we visited the place it's no longer there.

2. Taoist Temple: 

One of the famous tourist attraction in Cebu, located in Beverly Hills subdivision.

Seems like mini Great Wall of China, right?

Just make sure to wear decent clothes upon visiting the temple, if you want to get inside the temple and be careful in taking pictures. There are statues and parts of the temple where video and picture taking is not allowed.

3. Sto. Niño Church & Mactan Cross: 

The symbol of Cebu. The city is known because of it's "Sinulog Festival" in honor of the Señor Sto. Niño, Cebu's patron. Magellan's Cross is located in Magallanes street just beside the Sto. Niño church.

5. Mactan Shrine:

Lunch at Mactan Shrine. A lot of restaurants are around the place offering the renowned SUTUKIL-Short for : SUgba(Grilled)-TUwa or TUwa(Soup)-Kilaw (Ceviche). 

You can also buy souvenirs from this place. I can guarantee that it offers the cheapest souvenirs.

Cebu has a lot more to offer. You can check on older posts for some other places you may want to visit around Cebu. :)

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