Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Enchanted River- Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

It took me 3 weeks to post this blog about Enchanted River because I was so insecure with the photos taken by other bloggers of the said place. Mine is too far from it and did not meet my own expectations either, but I guess I have a slice of my own story, a unique experience that is worth sharing. So, I decided to just post this, but with a promise that I'm going back to that place and should be getting what I've been dreaming and expecting about the place.
 I visited the place during the landfall of typhoon Seniang in the Philippines. We came across with a lot of obstacles before reaching the place (I'll just share it on another blog I'm going to post few days from now). 
  The weather during our roadtrip to the Enchanted River.

This Nipa hut should look-like a floating hut in the water but this is what we saw when we passed by :(

Bringing of food is not a problem because there are a lot of stalls selling cooked food and some will even cook and deliver the food to your cottages. 
All you have to do is select the ingredients and choose the menu. You'll be given numbers you need to hang on your cottage and they'll deliver it once cooked.
 Food is set go walk few meters from the food stalls to look for a cottage.
Entrance is only 30 pesos. I suggest you visit the place early so that you can choose the best cottage. In our case, due to the heavy rain we were stranded in one of the bridges on our way so we arrived around 11am in the morning and no available cottages nor tables for us. We waited for those who are going out to replace them. After 30 minutes or an hour perhaps finally we were able to secure a table with umbrella.

 It was almost 12 noon when we're settled and the feeding was about to start.
 Feeding is being done every 12 noon wherein all guests swimming in the river have to get out of the water. The caretaker will ring the bell to signal the feeding is about to start.
 I saw it on my own eyes, when no one was in the water and it was already calm. The fishes started to came out from nowhere. It was very enchanting.
Can rent life vest for 50php. 
Yeah right...The water is not that clear/transparent as it should be so I'm fearless and dared to jumped off! Yay...

Those are my friends, we enjoyed swimming around and making water formations...
Wooohhh...It was raining cats and dogs but we didn't care. We even forgot that it was signal number 1 and typhoon Seniang will landfall anytime within that day.
How will we think about the typhoon with this huge crowd of guests from different places of the country.

Careless of the people that surrounds us.

I took these shots before we left the place around 4pm. The rain was still pouring but the water is getting clearer..haaayyyy....
Half check from my Bucket list. Miss Blue the Thrifty Wanderer conquered and will surely return to The Enchanted River of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. The thrifty traveler of 2015 activated!!!

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