Sunday, June 2, 2013

Obong Spring Dalaguete, Cebu City

Welcome to Obong Spring, located in Dalaguete  south of Cebu City. 2 hours travel by bus from the city. The spring is just along the highway.

Entrance fee is just 5 pesos.
Believe it or not we went there from a birthday party at Mantalungon and just the three of us.
No cottages for rent, so we just left our things in one corner. Pics was taken by the "habal-habal" driver who volunteered to looked after our things and took pictures of us.
Oh, ha...Thats Jen me and Khem...

The driver was busy taking pictures of us.
Khem enjoying the cold water.

Crystal clear cold water...
After our 30minutes swimming. While waiting for a bus back to the city.
While Khem and I were busy eating...Jen was busy talking to his special someone over the phone.
Our ride back home...back to reality...After the great adventures with girls.