Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EDGE COASTER at Cebu Crown Regency Hotel

Are you an adventure seeker? Or you wanted to test your fear? Try the Cebu Crown Regency Hotel Sky Adventures. You may go for Edge Coaster or their Skywalk adventure. For 750php for both rides.
It was my first month here in Cebu when i was invited by my cousins to try the ride. 
 On the elevator up to the 27th floor.
While waiting for our turn...
 This is where you claim your certificates, pay for the pictures that cost 250php each and some souvenirs.
Posing for the camera though our knees were shaking. Rides is by two and one has the control of the tilting of the machine, could it be 60 degrees or 30 or any degrees you want...wheeew!!!
 As you can see I'm wearing a different shirt, the photo was the second ride experience...
 The view from the top and edge of the building. Scary...adrenaline rush...You'll experience your spirit screaming out of fear...waaaaahhhhhh!!!

 Imagine you're on top and edge of that building. The tallest building in Cebu.
 After that adventurous ride and conquering your fear, you'll receive a certificate.
You can also watch their 4D adventure...I'm not sure how much it cost right now. It was a funny adventure!

 You can try their telescope to savor the view of the city lights for only 10 php.
And do not forget to take a picture of this famous sign. The thrifty wanderer is looking back on her old yet memorable adventures.