Monday, June 10, 2013

Until We Meet Again :D Tribute to our dearest friend Mike

I hate this moment in my life when I have to bid a good friend goodbye. Sad but we have to face the reality of letting go. As they say it's not really goodbye but until next time.
You've been a brother, a bestfriend, an enemy and even a lover to some (LOL)
 Been with us through think and thin...
 We will miss all the laughing, teasing even the drinking session with you...
 The adventures we have...
 The silly things you've done...

 You always knew how to fit in...
 The laughters and the tears we've shared together.
You're everything...
 A hiker...
A Brother...
A Good friend...
 Used to be lover..?
 A swimmer...???
 A runner..???
 A driver..??? LOL!
 An acquaintance...I mean drinker...
Nature Lover..???

 A jumper...

 Goodluck on your next journey in life...

You will always be in our hearts...Our dearest MIKE :D


  1. Hehe,,,friends do come and go really.

    1. sad but we have to accept it :'(

  2. Friendship is certainly a two-way street. Next time kapag makikipag-kaibigan ako,tatanungin ko muna. "Aalis ka ba? Kasi kung aalis ka,'wag na lang tayong friends."

    1. You're right... Me too...para wala ng tears...nakakapagod na...Pwede bang ako naman 'yong nang-iiwan, hindi 'yong ako ung iniiwan :(

  3. I cried this morning upon checkin' out this blog. ;( Though the word tribute makes me think and asked myself "Am I dying?" lol (kidding)... Anyhow I just realized I've done a lot of things with you guys and I will always remember and reminisce every single laugh nor a little argument is unforgetable for me I'll see you in the next two years or so ;)

    1. I asked myself the same question, while creating this blog for you...hehehe! I hate you Mike for leaving us, but part of my heart is happy for you...Happy because, I know it will be a big leap on your career..See you soon, be it in Dxb or in HK, wherever you are, we will follow/visit you...Free food and accommodation ha?hehehe!

      Your Loving Bwesitah :p