Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Good news to all Cebuanos and to all bookworms, after 3 years MV Logos Hope is back in Cebu. For those who are not familiar with it, MV Logos Hope is the largest floating library operated by German non-profit charitable Christian Organization and was launched since 1970. The crews and staffs are around 400 volunteers from over 45 countries in the world. They'll be here until May 28,2015 and just arrived last May 6, 2015. 

Entrance fee is only 20 pesos but free for kids below 13 years old and senior citizens.

We chose to visit on a weekday because we are foreseeing huge volume of visitors will be coming in during the weekend.

Staff from different races will warmly welcome you.

Let the scanning begin!!!

Tags are in units, 25 units= 25php, 50 units= 50php, 100 units =100php,etc.
Staffs from different countries repeatedly announcing the prices, welcoming the visitors, reminding the guests in English and even in Bisaya. 

Presentation of the Prodigal Son...

 A local volunteer we met. He was in-charge in explaining the "Prodigal Son" mural. According to him, after 7 days a new set of local volunteers will replace them. I just did not get the details of how they became volunteers though, my bad.

 There's a small play area for the kids in the cafe.

 The international cafe where they are serving cakes, ice coffee, lemonade, ice cream, popcorn, etc (those are the only food I can remember).

 This is once in a lifetime experience so we should try it out too. I tried their ice coffee (70php) and Sheena went for the mix ice cream (50php).

There's a Captain's logbook (netbook) in one corner next to the cafe, where you can leave your message to the captain, you just need to provide an email address to get a free souvenir (hmmm..looking forward to receiving mine).

Don't miss to roll coins to keep the ship sailing, few meters away from the captain's logbook.

 These are my purchases plus a keychain and a ballpen with the MV Logos Hope photo and name printed on it.

When I arrived home from that overwhelming experienced I checked my stuff and found this inserted.

To those who wanted to donate, please check the photo for information.

Another item checked on my bucket list. It was a memorable and great experience for me. I invited some friends, I might return before they leave, I can't get enough of the books and the unique concept. MV Logos Hope, thank you for re-visiting us and continue spreading knowledge and hope to the world. You rock!!!

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