Friday, May 22, 2015

Camotes Island: Bukilat Cave-Tudela

The last place in our list to be visited is Tudela Sir Joseph and Cairon's territory as they say :) It was 45 minutes to an hour drive from Buho Rock before we arrived on their very own Bukilat Cave.

 Entrance fee on the photo below plus 10 php parking fee.
 Just refer to the picture below, why the cave has been named Bukilat...hahaha!

 We are the first visitors to the cave that afternoon. I rarely see this cave being posted on blogs too, maybe because of the distance. No one dared to take a dip into the water too.

The altar-like formation of rocks felt so creepy.

 After taking pictures of the place we immediately leave to secure our tickets back to the city and eat lunch.
We were supposed to visit Busay Falls but due to lack of time, we decided maybe next time...There will always be next time :)
 We asked our tour guide to take pictures with us for this blog and we chose this old port in Tudela. According to him, it was the transportation and trading port used before it was transferred to Poro. The guy in white is Cairon and I'll post our photo with Sir Joseph at the bottom part of this post.hahaha!
View from the port of Tudela...

We went to Tudela Viewpointé Resort to swim in their pool and have our lunch but they can't serve us at that time because they were all exhausted after serving 80 guests from a certain cooperative. Anyway, we just rinsed off at Sir Joseph's residences and decided to eat our lunch in Agora, San Francisco.

We changed driver, it was Sir Joseph, who drove and accompanied us to San Francisco. He brought us to a delicious barbecue station in Agora market. It was indeed delicious and good thing we ate a lot since we were about to dawdle again in the port.

And that's Sir Joseph in white. Took a pose before we leave and end our adventures in Camotes. He helped us get a priority number for our tickets. Note: Just let me know if you need help contacting him/them for your tour package :)

Look at the crowd of tourists waiting for the ferry boat to arrive to sail back to Cebu and continue the life they left for a day or two to experience Camotes Island.

 This beautiful sunset bid us all goodbye. Reminding all tourists waiting for hours that sometimes we have to sacrifice to savor our success and to appreciate what we have. Miss Blue will surely go back to Camotes for another set of another adventures. Enticing Island of CAMOTES...Check!!!

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