Friday, September 6, 2013

Mantayupan Falls- Cebu City

I’m was thinking of our adventure last Sunday in one of the falls here in Cebu (and it will be my next post), when I suddenly remember our Easter Sunday adventure at Mantayupan Falls.

Yes, you read it right, last Easter (hahaha!) Just want to share our half-day adventure. It was a rainy Sunday when we decided to visit the said falls. Actually, my cousins went there a week prior to our visit and I don’t want to miss any of the adventures so I persuaded them to go back (with the selfish motive of course. LOL!) 

Mantayupan Falls is somewhere to the east end of Carcar-Barili, South of Cebu.

It was kinda crowded when we arrived and we just took a few minutes to dip into the water, went up soaking wet and walked our way to AC Tilapia Fun Fishing. You just have to pay for the entrance, rent a fishing rod and voila! can go on fishing right away. To be honest, I did not enjoy it much because the fishes were not hungry I guess they’re not eating our baits and if you capture a small fish they’ll return it to the pond, but being with my cousins was so much fun. Not to mention I caught not a big fish but a big bamboo stick. So sad that I can't show you my pic.

After an hour of attempting to fish and trying to be fishermen, we just decided to buy fish so that we can eat. 

So another thrifty falls-south adventure for Miss Blue.

Mantayupan Falls...CHECK!

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