Monday, July 15, 2013

Mantalungon, Dalaguete, Cebu City

I already posted our adventure to Obong Spring but before we went there, the three of us had a wonderful and memorable adventure. We attended a wrong wedding and we traveled to the mountain of Mantulungon following only the instructions given to us. From Carcar we informed the bus driver to drop us in the area where we can ride a motorcycle or "habal-habal" to Mantalungon. We were instructed to pay only 50php for the fare.

The road up to Mantalongon is breathtaking, we passed through this stopover, where farmers from the other side transport their products. Good thing the "habal-habal" driver offered to take pictures of us and for us to enjoy the sunset.

The three of us grabbed the offer. He even took this jump-shot photo of us. Thanks to him.

We were actually there to attend a birthday party, but we experienced more adventures than we expected.

We went to the most visited peak of Mantalongon, with the Stations of the Cross and a big statue of Jesus Christ on top. The entrance fee was 5pesos only if my memory serves me right.

It was foggy that time; we imagined we were in Baguio.

Who would think that I'm in Mantalongon? I super love the place and will surely go back there.

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Jen, Khem, me and the scenic foggy view...

And this is the top. Another discovered treasure by Miss Blue and her friends. Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu City... CHECKED!!!

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