Wednesday, April 17, 2013

KAWASAN FALLS in Badian South of Cebu!!!

  Part of our family goal is visiting all tourist spots in Cebu so, we should not miss this beautiful place called..
KAWASAN FALLS in Badian, it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cebu, it's 130 kilometers away from the City and located in South of Cebu and it's 3 hours bus ride from the City

If you have car parking fee is only 100php (you have to keep your receipt after paying, if you don't want to pay again). 10php per head is the entrance fee.
We walked almost 1.5 kilometers from where we parked the car. There are tourist guides that will offer to accompany you to the falls and help you bring your things. You can also ask them to take pictures if you want, like what we did.hehehe!
We passed through these breath taking sites.
The clear river along the road is very inviting that my cousin was even tempted to dip in before we arrived at the first falls.
Crystal clear water...
Cottages and tables for rent in the first falls, its the highest falls among the three. Rent ranges from 300php-1500php, if you're saving you can just look for a place where you can leave your things.hehehe!
You can rent a raft for 300php, that accommodate I guess up to 15 people. (Pictures were taken by one of our tourist guides)
 Maybe I am exaggerated but the water is as cold as ice.grrrr...
Small falls that you can pass through the second falls.

And this is the second falls.
According to my cousin this one is better than the first falls. It depends on you, you can check first the location before renting a cottage.
For me, if you want to enjoy the raft riding better do it on the first falls.
You can find this in between the two falls. Very peaceful!

Another South adventure was enjoyed! Badian Kawasan Falls...Check!!!

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