Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ocean View Park & International Doll House, Bislig, Surigao del Sur

Next destination in our itinerary is the Ocean View Park and International Doll House, or simply OVP & International Doll House. It's also in Bislig, you can visit it before you go to Tinuy-an Falls or after; either way. Your choice!

Entrance is only 20pesos, if you're not going to visit the Doll House it's consumable in the restaurant.

With 280+ small step stairs towards the top. 

That's the entire dollhouse.

With different dolls from other places.

They have available dolls from other countries that are also for sale. The pretty dolls below are from Switzerland and was for sale for 150 pesos. They also have ref magnets and key-holders for souvenirs.

This is the restaurant on top.

They got this small playground with unicorn and you can see the view of entire Bislig City.

 View from the top.

We allotted 30-45 minutes only in the area. We still have two places to visit. Our goal was to tick-off the Doll House in our list and we did! OVP & International Doll House...Checked!!!

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