Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Britania Group of Islands, Surigao del Sur

After our tour around different tourist destinations in Surigao Del Sur, we allotted one day for Britania Group of Islands/Islets in San Agustin. The photo below is a stop-over where you'll have a glimpse of the islets.

When we entered in one of the resorts, we paid 25php/head (excluding the driver) for environmental fee and from there, you may haggle for boats being offered for 1, 500 up. We got ours for 1,200.

They brought us to the next resort where we paid for another 20pesos each, since it’s where we are going to pass to get to our boat, park the car (I guess additional parking fee was paid) and we can use their shower.

Hiyor-hiyoran Island was our first stop. I was already amazed how fine and white the sand was, but my friend told me to reserve my excitement because it's not the most astonishing island yet.

I took a panorama shot of the island, all of the islands we visited actually. 

This is the only island where you can buy food, drinks and souvenirs.
 We bought sea urchins and "saang" (shells) for only 150 pesos plus the appetizing coconut vinegar and boiled banana.

There are souvenirs and wood crafts available for sale too.

I was drooling over Naked Island when we passed by. We were not able to set foot on it, because of the weather and the sea level at that time.

Next stop, Hagonoy Island!

Can you count how many coconut trees were there in the island?

Weeeehhh... Just the four of us in the island.

Jump shots everywhere! This was where I wanted swim but the waves were too strong and those who can't swim well were required to wear life vest.

With Mrs. Alfeche :)

This photo is my personal favorite. Photo credits to Mr. Ian Alfeche who took most our best shots.

We tried to swim but we struggled, plus the fact that the shallow part is just around 3 meters and went so deep. I love adventures and I so love the sea but even with life vest my knees were shaken. I don't know why. It just scares a h*ll out of me.

Our last stop: Boslon Island
Of all the major islands, it's in this island where you can stay longer. You may set-up a table to dine, swim to your heart's content and can cross to other islets nearby.

Look at those super fine sand.

There were available water activities (jet-ski and banana boat ride) being offered if you want to, it's cheaper than the usual rate of these sports activities. It was offered to us for 150 pesos per person per ride.

A kid showed us a small cave that leads us to the other side of the island.

Our island hopping around the islands/islets of Britania is on top of my list of the best islands I’ve visited so far. If given a chance, I’ll return and spend more time in each island. Thanks “Lex Travels & Tours” for bunch of photos, amazing tour and the great company. Britania Island has been ticked off my bucket list.

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