Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Weekend Escape at Lambug Beach, Badian!

Our team planned to bond and escapes the hustle and bustle of the city life. We wanted a place away from the city, away from work and away from our routinary life. From the long list of places to visit around Cebu we decided spend our weekend in Badian, specifically in Lambug Beach. It is located in the Southern part of Cebu, 2-3 hours travel from the city.

Just got off from work, straight to South Bus Terminal. Waited for aircon bus but end up riding an ordinary bus :P

We left the city 11am and traveled for 3 long hours. We informed the bus conductor to drop us in Badian. It was not my first time in Badian, but my first time going there straight from the city. It was all our first time.
Dexter (our officemate and a local of Badian) contacted a tricycle driver who will pick us, once we arrived. Dodong the tricycle driver guide us where to buy forgotten stuffs (Ice cubes, Soft drinks,disposable spoon and fork, etc). I know, you can bring those things from the city but it was a long story for us...hahaha!
30php per person is the fare from Badian proper to Lambug beach.

The long white sand shore welcome us...We were all so excited, that we forgot how hungry we were and how long we've been sitting and sleeping in the bus. The view was just worth it!

We were supposed to stay at Grandeur but it was already reserved when we called so, we opted to stay at Escape 5J Lodging; just few meters away from Grandeur. We booked a good for 12 person cottage for only 2,700php, you can use all their facilities. You can cook using their dirty kitchen and kitchen utensils, no problem with water. (Sorry I don't have a decent photo of our room)
Aheemmm...Excuse us for we were all so hungry. I chose the not so shameful photo of us having our late brunch..Time check 2:30 pm...

After the scrumptious brunch, some played cards (unggoy-unggoy) while others are preparing for the pictorial and games at the seashore.

 It was already low-tide when we arrived...

 Caption this...hehehe! prenup..??

 Meet our team...Not complete but almost...

"She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore.
The shells she sells are sea-shells, I'm sure.
For if she sells sea-shells on the sea-shore
Then I'm sure she sells sea-shore shells."

 We were still in the bus when we were planning to form this "YOLO" formation...and we did it! With Clarky, the group's baby joined in the formation too...hahaha!

We don't want to talk about work or any stressful thing, so we played our childhood games. Slipper game and "Buwan-buwan". We ran, ran...ran and shouted on top of our voices, bringing out the kid in us.

 The shore became a perfect playground. We stayed and played outside until, we were already running out of breath because of tiredness, we can no longer see the lines drawn in the sand and we can no longer ran to chase each other. We decided to prepare for our dinner. It was Ken and the boys who actually prepared for our boodle fight.
 We did not find a banana leaf, so we improvised. hahaha!
 Let the battle begin..!!
We have a long night so, we played cards. Different card games but our favorite was "1,2,3 pass!" initiated by our game master Julius. Losing a game is equivalent to one tequila shot. hahaha!

 We woke up early in the morning to witness the true beauty of the place...

 And this is what happened around 10am, when we were preparing to set off on our next destination.

We were already preparing for our Kawasan Adventure when water rises.
We just went out and took photos and save this captivating site in our memories.

We left this beauty behind...

Off for another adventure.
First and last groupie...
Thanks for the wonderful memories Lambug, until next stop; Kawasan Falls!

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