Friday, November 28, 2014

Bubble Bee Cafe- IT Park

Here's another twee cafe we found in IT Park, Bubble Bee Cafe!!! All the while I was thinking, it was Bumble Bee Cafe until I reviewed our photos and saw this first photo (don't mind the photo bummer.hahaha!). Tsk!Tsk! Not a good blogger (not particular to details when tired)..I was so stressed out that time when we visited the place :(

 We were looking for a nice place to distress when we saw a new and colorful signboard at the back of Qualfon Building. Our plan to pig out diverted to just chill out!

This cute robot painting on the floor will welcome you, so make sure to look down.

 Cutie-cutie and very colorful counter isn't it? They have an accommodating and friendly staffs too. 

Cuddly stuffed toy... Waiting for the someone to hug him....

The crumpled menu..hahaha!

As I've mentioned on my previous blogs, most of the cafes now have corners to post sticky notes and Bubble Bee has it too. The staff gave us all the needed materials to write or draw and I enjoyed it. Please don't read it closely for I really thought it was Bumble Bee. What a shame! (face-palm).

They have cards, so you can play while waiting for your order. Just like we did! No dull moments, yeah!

And the most awaited and distressing part...Chow time!!!

Please be informed that they don't have rice. The only reason why Sheena don't like the place and don't want to go back there anymore. hahaha!

Sorry about the blurry photo. That's the only photo of us being complete :P

Miss Blue the cafe hopper, already visited and wants to revisit Bubble Bee Cafe :)


  1. Hi, don't be ashamed to show your whole face he he, well you might also discuss in your blog where you go to a cheap shop since you blog is about thrift he he